Spot Color Printing

One of the most popular types of printing is known as “Spot Color” printing. This process uses solid color inks that are premixed to match the color a customer is looking for. Each color has a seperate screen, and is printed individually, when all of the prints are complete, we get the image the customer desired.


To enhance the effects of spot color printing, we use halftones. Halftones are small dots of ink used to help with shading of a design.
This allows us to acheive a gradiented look, as well as highlights and shadows without having to use multiple colors.

The Ordering Process


We’ll help you choose the perfect shirt for your group!


We have an entire collection of awesome design ideas, and we offer free art design/review to make sure your supplied art prints perfectly!


We’ll send you a written order with the sizes & apparel you need along with an art approval sheet before we start printing. This ensures you receive the exact shirts & design you picked out! Once you approve, we’re ready to start printing.

The Benefits of Working With Kelgraphics

35 Years Printing Shirts

With over 35 years of experience under our belt, we have the knowledge and the expertise to print your shirts perfectly the first time.

Fast & Reliable

We pride ourselves on our quick response to all customer inquiries and our fast turnaround times. No need to wait two weeks for your shirts!

More Brands, Better Pricing

We work with the largest suppliers in the country to bring you hundreds of awesome brands! By offering low markups, our pricing can’t be beat.

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